5 common types of social media users, which of them are you???

Everyday, we encounter different kinds of people who post in their social media and each one of them has a hidden purpose in it. But we will focus on the purpose and type of person that are using social media. Will you be able to identify which one of it are you?

First of all, we have the most common type of user that is just bored and scrolls down just to read on their news feed and they are called the Bystander. They logs into their account frequently, peruses their news feed and checks in with important people, news, messages etc. but doesn’t do much beyond that. They don’t even share, like, or comment on much of anything that is in their feeds, and you probably won’t even know they are even existing.

Then we have the Influencer which is the most in demand and most important type of user in the social media. Being an influencer is not an easy way, it takes time, effort and determination for you to gain the trust of your followers. This user had a big responsibilities because thousands or millions of followers treat you as a reliable source of information. And lastly people tend imitate this type of user.

The Evangelist are partly same influencer, but they don’t have enough followers compared to influencer. Evangelists are like to share valuable content that stimulate their interest. This content may be a news, new innovations, videos, or anything that have a significance in their own perception.

The Utilitarian. From the word itself, this users want to utilize the social media in practical purposes. They don’t often used the social media as a medium of communication to their friends and families.  This users seldom share info, post about anything and don’t mind their followers. Instead, they spend their time on social media, looking for valuable information.

The Complainer (debater) tend to be vocal and public about their complaints. They always involved in social media arguments in a particular current issues. The complainer isn’t a fun type of social media user, and if you see one, they’re probably going to do more harm than good. They’ll post angry messages and comments on your public Facebook wall and they will tag their friends to seek help to hurt you in social media.

So now, did you find yourself in this 5 common types of social media users? Always try to know these social media user archetypes well. The better you understand your audience and friends on social media and the more you can assure your safeness in this online world.


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