My love from social media

A carefree highschooler, but never a failure.

Made wrong decisions but has the right intentions.

I never knew it was possible, always thought it was trouble.

To be falling to a stranger, who is also 2 years older.

A guy that chatted me “hi” on the very first day, and became “i love you” in the end.

A guy who is living miles away, But made me feel like he is always right there.

One day, he confessed he likes a girl from our school.

He wants me to help him to get the girl.

I helped him but the girl doesn’t like him and like another guy.

It broke his heart and i helped him to move on.

I never wanted to entertain but something inside me wants to know him more.

I act and make him feel like he has a friend a shoulder to lean on.

He told me he wants to court me and i gladly allow him.

Sadly, he is falling to a person who is in a relationship but also likes him.

We chat, we text, we called all we want,

but the time has come to make me choose who i really want.

I chose him and got a fit from my friends

who eventually made me feel like I’m not one of them.

He was there to comfort me, make me feel complete again.

Loved me for who i am and who i wanted to be.

He never failed to make me feel especial and the most beautiful girl in the world.

We decided to meet for the first time and get to know each other more.

He gave me all his love and i gladly gave mine.

Now i can say it is possible to fall in love with someone from online

And be in a 2 years and 4 months relationship with him now.

I’ll make it extend to forever for he is the one who I really love.


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